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Ancient Arts Reflexology
Ellen M. Berger nationally certified reflexologist
Hedgesville, West Virginia & Winchester, Virginia

About Ellen

The Call is ever-present for me, the call of the healing path. My commitment to the path is irrevocable, and the joy of it never wavers. Change, for any of us, is always one decision away, one small choice that will yield incremental results initially, but greater transformation with time. The question, usually, is if one has the courage to "melt into the fierce heat of living, falling toward the center of your longing," as poet David Whyte expresses it.

Thirty years ago I was teaching English at home and abroad, then writing for a newspaper. A dozen years ago I began studying energy healing and reflexology, and have had a steady practice since then. My search for life's mysteries has carried me to Africa, Central America, Europe, and Asia. But the journey into the soul is by far the most fascinating. 


I serve on the ARCB board.

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Reflexology is the art of stimulating reflex points (nerve endings) on the feet and hands in a way that brings relaxation, rebalancing, and release to the human body.



Guided meditation sessions tailored to your specific needs and healing journey.



To be announced!

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